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 We make hospitality operations More successful!
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The collective aim of Team•LMP is to ensure that customers, the travelling & vacationing 

public, enjoy exceptional•experiences and superior quality when using any kind of hospitality establishment or leisure travel facility. We help owners make their operations stand out from the crowd and improve the profitability and the value of their business.

Yoga at Home


It's a changing world we live in. 


As they say in Hollywood, you're as good as your last movie!


As far as customers are concerned, that means the last time they stayed in your accommodation, cruised on your ship, ate a meal, a snack, drank a coffee or a cocktail.


Customers judge you and your establishment on the experience they have.


If you're a branded chain, they judge every branch and location on the last experience they had with the same name over the door!


From post Covid recovery to making your ratings better than "average". Customer focus to social media. From saving you money on utilities, to hospital grade sanitising solutions.


If you want to be successful in the competitive world of hospitality and leisure, you want to ....

We can help you achieve it.  We will assist you to be more successful, more profitable and thereby increase the value of your business.

Covid & Omnicron


Consulting, management

& quality assurance


  • Reviews and audits of existing operations with custom solutions to address your challenges that we identify.

  • Technology solutions, operating systems and hospital grade sanitising machines.


  • Quality Assurance customised to your operation and your brand standards.

  • Resort, hotel, hospitality, leisure travel and related retail operations.

  • Management agreement, individual property or group including short term pending change.

  • Change & turnaround management - we turn struggling operations into success stories.


  • Accurate accounts to support management.

  • Marketing and social media marketing.


  • Hospitality Brokers Wordwide Network

  • Leisure travel services

  • and more.........


We are a world class team encompassing highly qualified, experienced and tested hospitality professionals from every aspect of the industry with multiple decades of accumulated knowledge and wisdom. We know how to translate this experience into value for our clients and their customers.

We reach exceptional•service levels by careful, considered manager coaching, staff team development and training. We dramatically impact hospitality operations and have a track record of helping resorts, hotels and leisure travel operations achieve award winning and financial success.

Our track record speaks for itself with the successful reorganisation of numerous hospitality operations over the years through specific consulting often starting with an operational review leading to management involvement.



During winter 2020/21 we planned organised and managed the rescue and renovation of this unique classic boat, formerly the Jolly Boat on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

In much the same was as we do with hotels, resorts and other hospitality businesses,  

                            turned a vision into reality.

Soon available for the public to enjoy as one of the unique experiences under our new leisure travel brand. 


I have known Stuart Humphreys since the early nineties when I ran The Global Group of Companies.

Leisure Management Plus can be a great help in achieving optimum sales performance.

Please call me for any further information.

John Spence

Chairman The Karma Group

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Marble Surface
Beach Banquet

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