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We believe that the vast majority of the 7 billion people all over the world are not the same but they do share many very similar desires and expectations. They love their families, they want to feel safe, not be hungry, live in peace, and enjoy their life. When it comes to relationships, most people want to be loved, want to be healthy and want to be happy.  People are more healthy when they are happy.  


We are grateful we live in a peaceful and prosperous country and enjoy the security and health which goes with that.  We would like to do more to help the world be a better place and we do what we do because we enjoy it.  If we make any serious money we will enjoy using some, probably most of those resources to help others.


Travel & tourism is one of the best ways people learn about the world and can develop respect for others from different cultures and with different perspectives.  We believe that international travel promotes better understanding of other cultures and other peoples.  Tourism is a significant factor in, and it can be an even more powerful force, in promoting and maintaining world peace.


We also believe that if you love what you do you never “work” a day in your life.  We love what we do.  We do it for fun!  


When it comes to hospitality and leisure related retail and service businesses, customers deserve the best.  Average won’t do!  They want quality and they want value for their money. This is true whether they are eating a burger at a roadside food stand, or staying at the Ritz Carlton. 


We help hospitality and service businesses achieve the level of focus that drives exceptional•results because we believe most people don’t want mediocrity, bad service, lack of attention or poor quality.  We believe that anyone who puts their mind to it can achieve greater customer satisfaction, consistent customer loyalty, outstanding team morale and exceptional•results.  All of which drive profitability and financial success.


When businesses are financially successful, they are in a position to be of help to others by giving to charity, helping needy and worthwhile good causes.  In many cases we see wealthy individuals like Bill & Melinda Gates, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos giving generously from their fortunes made in business.  We do this because besides it is fun, we want to do that too.

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