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Leisure Management Plus established 1983 as Kempster Associates and then International Leisure Management started as a consulting service to “improve” hotel & other hospitality operations to make them more profitable and make them more valuable so that their owners, the vendors, could achieve the best possible price when they sold them.  An early opportunity to open a new resort gave rise to creating a management company which specialised in the hospitality operations side of the then burgeoning timeshare resort business in Europe.


The business has held many consulting and management contracts over the years with leading developers and also has had clients in diverse areas of the hospitality and leisure industry ranging from private and public company owned hotels, resorts, golf & country clubs & restaurants, to clients like the canal network in the UK looking for alternative uses for derelict canal-side buildings and farmers looking for alternate uses for agricultural land respectively following the EU "set-aside" policy that took UK agricultural land out of production.


The founder and several key team members have also over the years held significant senior leadership roles with many of the leading hospitality companies in the hotel and resort industries as well as other industries.

Re-launched in 2021, we are ready to serve the global hospitality industry and plan to make a difference for the benefit of the traveling and vacationing public, as well as the owners of the businesses serving them.

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Beach Banquet


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