Accurate Accounts 

& Business Consulting Services

Part of Leisure Management Plus

Accurate Accounts & Business Consulting is run by an experienced accounts professional.  


AA&BC provides a full suite of book keeping services or any single element where you may need help.

Affordable book-keeping & accounts for the self employed & small businesses


Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Monthly Closing

Financial Statements

Management Accounts & Report

We will perform for you an initial  Financial State of Health Review and provide a "complimentary" written report with advice as to how we could help and serve you and your business.  


We have helped many resorts, clubs, hotels and hospitality businesses move their Financial Health from "very troubled" to "fit and healthy" with cash in the bank to meet their day to day needs as well as their long term plans and any eventuality that may come along.

When we manage your hotel, resort, restaurant, café or other hospitality business you automatically get monthly book-keeping and management accounts by AA&BC as part of the package of services we provide.


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Sales Manager

Accounts Manager

Accurate Accounts 

& Business Consulting Services

Part of Leisure Management Plus

LMP itself is not an "Accounting Firm" as defined, nor is it registered with Public Accounting Oversight Board and as such does not provide "Accounting Services".   The worldwide services of our accounts division are restricted to providing business management, business consulting and bookkeeping services for the preparation of management accounts.   Where appropriate and necessary we advise our clients to engage a firm of CPA or other appropriately qualified professional accountants in order to complete such tasks as annual accounts, financial accounts, as well as to appoint professional auditors to produce or audit, audited accounts & annual filings. 


We have a relationships with accounting firms in the US & Europe we recommend for any such needs which our clients have.

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tel:    +44 (0) 7939-903157 UK

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