what is the significance of

the bonsai tree and the water droplet?

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Our network team of carefully selected hospitality specialists each with hands on experience and knowledge in all kinds of hospitality operations!   Please see: about-us & more about us

Our globally spread network team has many individuals each with their own specialist areas of knowledge in hotels, resorts, development, operations, marketing and sale of hospitality property, vacation rentals, holiday villas & cottages, alpine ski holiday hotels, catered ski chalets, apartments, b&b's, restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, QSRs and meal delivery services, bars, pubs, country clubs and Inns.  Industrial catering, outside catering including Kosher catering, meeting & conference venue management, weddings & wedding venue operation, wedding planning & production, function production, facilities management.  Golf clubs, golf course management, marina operations, theme parks, leisure & fitness centres.  We can even provide experts with experience in Presidential and Royal Households, private estate management, private jets and charter yachts!

Consultants join our network team by invitation only.  


International Leisure Management Consultant Network TEAM spans the globe and can provide "First Class" consulting services anywhere in the world.

Consulting services are tailored to your specific ideas, plans and goals.   If you know you have a "challenge" and need help identifying what exactly it is and the best approach, we can do that!


We have examples of having done just that on this website.  Please review "prior assignments" in this section and in the "management menu" - "resort operations". There you will find case studies from our prior work.

"An external, independent and detached, objective set of eyes

is often a very effective way to take a different perspective on things."


First we LISTEN to UNDERSTAND what you want to accomplish. 


Then we make suggestions and offer you services to meet your needs and objectives.  Here are just a few examples of things we can do to help you with your business objectives and help your existing business to be even better than it is today.


The best way to start with an existing business is often with an "Operational Review" to see where there may be opportunities for improvement.  


In response to the covid 19 pandemic, we offer pro bono services to help operations needing support.

Offer valid April to December 2020 

Operational Review & Improvement Plan

An analysis of your current operation

Hotel, Cruise Ship, Resort, Restaurant, Spa, Café, Pub, B&B .... or any other hospitality or leisure related business.


We will identify where and how your operation

can be improved, what results can be expected

and devise a plan for improvement.  

We can then work with you to implement that plan.

Alternatively, if you want to start or acquire a business then you need a Business Plan.

Business Plan

We can create a Business Plan suitable for bank financing including market analysis, competition analysis, financial projections, marketing plan and all you need to get finance for your project in a style & format acceptable to lending institutions.

Cruise Ship Operations

Our specialist cruise ship consultants have experience in the cruise industry shipboard hotel operations. We create custom solutions and have systems to improve any existing on board hotel operations.  ILM can perform this service at any time including while the ship is on cruise operations anywhere in the world, in port, or on the high seas.

Resort Operations

We have extensive experience in the vacation ownership industry particularly in resort operations. We have opened new resorts and improved many existing operations in locations spanning the globe.

  • Resort Development

  • Resort Operational Review

  • Resort Quality Assurance

  • Resort Management, management coaching, staff team training, mentoring, management supervision & support

Hotel Operations


We have expertise and experience in hotel operations, development, new openings,

pre-opening planning and design, management systems design and implementation.

We similarly have experts in our team with extensive experience in all kinds of hotel operations from budget hotels to top rated 5 star hotels, be they branded, part of a chain, privately owned, part of a franchise group or independent. 



Restaurants, Bars & Catering Operations


We have expertise and first hand experience in many kinds of food & beverage operations.  From restaurants in hotels and resorts including start ups, to stand alone establishments. From fine dining to cafés to QS's & meal delivery services.  Banquets to outside catering, weddings and functions.  


Experts in the LMP Consultant Network Team have experience and expertise in all these and more and can help any F&B operation improve customer service, reputation, repeat business, income, profitability. Indeed any and all aspects of operations including standards of product quality and service.

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what is the significance of the bonsai tree and the water droplet?

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