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Team LMP is a global network team of self employed consultants who independently and collectively market, sell, perform and deliver our range of integrated service•products to clients worldwide.

The collective aim of Team LMP is to ensure that customers, the travelling and vacationing public, enjoy above average experiences and superior quality when using any kind of hospitality establishment, by helping business owners and managers to make their operations stand out from the crowd, have more repeat and referral customers, improve revenue, efficiency, profitability and the value of their businesses.

LMP's signature one•team concept is used within our own team and taught by us as part of the custom "manager coaching" and "staff team development" we deliver to consulting and management services clients, whose operations are diverse and range in size and complexity from the smallest food stand or QSR, to large hotels and resorts with hundreds of rooms, even thousands of  apartments and everything in between.

....the path to the future .....

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Chief Operating Officer 

Chris Gardner

Senior Consultant

Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia

Business Development Leader UK

Christopher Gardner joins LMP in the key role of Senior Consultant Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia and Leader of Business Development for the UK. Chris has more than 40 years of worldwide hospitality experience. He was a Hotel General Manager in the UK, Greece, France and New York City. He has led Hotel and Resort Management companies with contracts in Spain, India, Kenya, Malaysia, France, Italy, Czech Republic and the UAE. His expertise is in quality control, innovation, sharp analysis of problems and solutions.  He has been a guest lecturer at Cornell University Hotel School on the subjects of Revenue Management, Yield Management and Sales & Marketing Innovation. He will be able to help and serve LMP’s clients enabling them to deliver a sustainable improved bottom line, increase and optimise ROI in order to generate strong Capital Asset Appreciation.

Gunter Muller

Senior Consultant North America Caribbean & Bermuda

Gunter Muller is a long time, respected member of the Leisure Management Plus Consultant Network Team.   An exceptionally accomplished and highly polished hotelier with wide ranging experience as, Managing Director, General Manager, Sales & Marketing Director and other positions having started his career with the best foundation anyone could ask for namely graduating from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, the world famous Hotel School in Switzerland.

With further education at the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University Ithaca, NY,, our founder having worked with him in California, where he was GM of a large resort operation in "Wine Country", has witnessed first hand how he operates and recognises Gunter as truly a "Master Hotelier" of the highest calibre.  He has worked in Switzerland, Germany, St. Martin in the Caribbean as General Manager of Mullet Bay Beach Resort which like so much of the Caribbean Islands tourism infrastructure was devastated by hurricane damage - below left & it was ..... below right.

We are so pleased to see that the Caribbean Island Nations are now well on the way to full recovery and we are looking forward to attending several industry conferences in the region later this coming year and next year.

In the United States of America Gunter was Managing Director for many years of Wintergreen Resort, a vast Mixed use Resort Development in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia & .....

..... and before that in the United Kingdom as General Manager of the 400 room Marriott Hotel Manchester

Gunter brings his knowledge, wisdom and skill to bear on select client's hotels, resorts and other hospitality operations and as the Senior Consultant in the Leisure Management Plus Network Team he also is able to guide and advise others in our Network of specialist consultants and sign off on their client reports, conclusions & recommendations so that all our clients can benefit from his lifetime of exceptional•experience.

Jacqueline Guas

Leader Business Development

Eastern USA, Caribbean Islands & Bermuda

Jacqueline Guas join’s the LMP Network Team as Leader of Business Development for Eastern United States, Caribbean & Bermuda.  Jacqueline is a creative, bilingual leader (English and Spanish), with an exceptional pedigree in marketing and business development in a progressive career, including solutions delivery to C-level executives. Jacqueline will be particularly well placed to help LMP clients with their business development, sales and partnership needs, in addition to delivering LMPs other products and services. Jacqueline has a BA in marketing from Rutgers University. She currently lives with her family in New Jersey.

Ghislaine Oliver

Revenue Generator, Brand Ambassador

& Accommodation Distribution Specialist

Ghislaine Oliver known in the industry for her knowledge, enthusiasm, passion, determination, commitment and her "we're here to help you succeed" mentality lives in Brighton, England and has 30 years’ experience in hospitality.  Completely in tune with the ethos of Team LMP’s Global Network of top flight professionals and as a key senior leader, Ghislaine generates business for clients through communication, capitalising on positive guest experiences, customer engagement and retention, supported by technology, creativity, personal service and delivery well above average. Working within budgetary constraints her goal is to revitalise businesses with new thinking and novel strategies to optimise the all important mix of occupancy, volume and ADR.


Having worked in the UK, Europe, and North America and having been a guest speaker at events on both sides of the Atlantic, she understands both continents and has "hands-on" experience from the operational side of the business which she skilfully combines with creativity and drive through sales and marketing “know-how".  Ghislaine says ... “At all times it is important to adapt to market conditions and trends.  Right now - in the post Covid recovery world Spring 2021 - this is even more relevant than ever before.  Adapt and embrace affordable change that works for you – regrowth is evolution!

John Shonnard

Leader Business Development

Western USA, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands

John Shonnard has joined the LMP Network Team as Leader for Business Development for the Western United States, Hawaiian and Pacific Islands. He has over fifteen years in the Event Marketing Exposition Industry, where he successfully established deep relationships with his clients by providing exceptional customer service and an in-depth understanding of their needs. John has enjoyed a successful career in sales management and branding. He is adept at using collaborative experiences with his internal and external customers to accomplish their goals and will be particularly effective at helping our clients find the best ways to recover post-covid. John is a graduate of the University of Nevada with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Administration & Management. He currently lives with his family in Reno, Nevada.

Erica Walpole

Leader - The LMP QA family of Quality Assurance Products

Erica Walpole has joined as Leader for LMP Quality Assurance and will be leading the LMP family of quality assurance products. Erica has broad international experience as a business consultant, with a focus on the hospitality and not-for-profit sectors. Erica also has first hand experience as a ship-based purser in the cruise industry, which will help inform Cruise Quality Assurance (CQA) when it is released. Erica has an MBA from Rutgers Graduate School of Management and attended the University of California at Santa Barbara and Rutgers College for her undergraduate studies. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Asael Sandoval

Leader - Business Development Mexico, Central & Spanish speaking South America

- & - 

Service•Product Leader Leisure Management Plus Resort Management - The Americas

Asael Sandoval CMCA, AMS, has joined LMP as a key Leader and Network Consultant Team member. As Leader of Business Development for Mexico, Central America and Spanish speaking South America. He will spearhead LMP’s efforts to serve hotels and resorts with helpful advice and Service•Products, right up to full operational management service under custom management agreements for legacy timeshare properties, as well as hotels, resorts and other hospitality operations, including throughout the united States where he will collaborate with other members of LMP’s Network Teams.  Asael is an award-winning resort and association management executive with a 20-year history of propelling growth for more than one of the world's largest international hotel and resort chains.  Asael is results-driven, with an ARDA recognised record for inspirational oversight and strategic innovation with top-tier international brands, including luxury vacation ownership resorts involving multiple homeowner associations and capital expense projects. Asael’s deep experience and skill set will be of great value to LMP’s clients at all levels of their operations from a basic operational review or consulting service through overall management.  Asael holds a Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management from the Mexican School of Tourism, Mexico City. He lives with his family in Southern California.

Brian Boggiss

HOA Board Member Advisor

- & -

Sales & Marketing Mentor, QA Advisor

& Logistics exceptional•excursions

Brian is a very accomplished entrepreneur and businessman having developed several businesses from scratch and built his client base more than once in diverse businesses ranging from insurance through to the marketing, sales, installation and servicing of air conditioning plant for domestic and commercial applications. Through sheer hard work, determination, dedication and skills learned on the job, he has created, grown and sold multiple successful businesses.


As a resort HOA Board Member (US terminology) / Resort Management Committee Member (Europe), advisor he brings 28 years experience on the board of one of Europe's most successful resorts where he served as Elected member from the resort and Club's inception and later Chairman of Sunset Harbour Club Pueblo Torviscas, Playa de Las Americas - Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, stepping down only quite recently after having served more than nine consecutive 3 year terms of office for The Club.  The Harbour, as it is known, is an uber successful, outstanding and award winning resort to this day, operated by Diamond Resorts International a testament to it sound stewardship over many years.  Brian brings his considerable experience to the benefit of LMP clients in both Europe and the United States and the markets frequented by travellers from north America including: Mexico, the Caribbean & Hawaiian and Pacific Islands.  Brian lives with his wife Irene in Brighton England also spending a lot of time in California, his "second home", where his grown up children and grandchildren live.

team  LMP

team  LMP







Curator & sales co-ordinator exceptional•vacations & exceptional•excursions

and Leader Business Development Brasil

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Lois Caldeira

Travel Agent

Lois Caldeira is an expert cruise and travel planner with her own Franchise Travel Agency based in Northern California.  She also has hands on experience as a front office manager having opened in that role, the WorldMark by Wyndham urban resort formerly the 108 room Julianna Hotel at Bush Street, centrally located in prime position in Downtown San Francisco.

Lois is able to book travel and advise on all kinds of options for guests at resorts which we advise and or manage and she also books guests on the exclusive range of exceptional•excursions offered by Leisure Management Plus as well as being able to help clients with exceptional•vacatoins & exceptional•holidays.

Arja Humphreys

Director of Accounting & Administration & Company Secretary

Arja grew up in Finland and studied in Helsinki and Germany before also working and living in Frankfurt, Paris and then moving to America.  There she worked as accounts manager for many years with Daimler Benz in Palo Alto California as well as with a start up Tech company based in Australia with offices in Walnut Creek and operations in the US and Germany.  There she met Stuart and they lived for nine years in Sunnyvale, right at the heart of the famous Silicon Valley, home of the tech industry and giants like apple, facebook and google.  Now living in Surrey England with her husband and their dog Ami, Arja has a Son & Daughter in Law living in London and a Daughter who lives in Switzerland with her French partner.  Arja speaks fluent German, English and Finnish as well as conversational French and is a talented photographer and artist in her spare time - she composed and took the picture at the top if this page dubbed "the path to the future".

team  LMP

team  LMP

To Be Engaged soon

To Be Engaged soon

To Be Engaged soon

Research & Business Development Consultant Finland

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team  LMP

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Research & Business Development Consultant


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Leader - Business Development 

South Africa

Natalie Mutondo

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Ines Berginc

LeaderBusiness Development 

Slovenia & European Alps

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Melissa Bermundo

Leader Business Development 


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team  LMP

Rawan Hany

Leader Business Development 


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team  LMP

Tarun Goswami

Leader Business Development 


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team  LMP

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Research &  Business Development Consultant

Nothern India

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Raja Dessai

Research &  Business Development Consultant 

Western India 

Lead Quality Assurance Auditor - Cruise Quality Assurance  

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team  LMP

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Leader Business Development Switzerland

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Leader Business Development Germany

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Leader Business Development The Netherlands & Benelux

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Leader Business Development France & Monte Carlo

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team  LMP

To Be Appointed soon

Hotel Manager

Kempster Hotels & Resorts

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team  LMP

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PA and Operations Manager Tenerife

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team  LMP

Ivaylo Lefterov

Senior Consultant - Hotel Planning, Architecture and Interior Design 

Russian Speaking Investor Client relationships

& Leader- Business Development Portugal

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team  LMP

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Leaders Business Development


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team  LMP

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Reciprocal representative company and Business Development Partner - China

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team  LMP

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Leader Business Development South East Asia

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team  LMP


Business Development and Service•Product Lead


Consultant for Enterprise Inns Pub Tenants

& Tenanted Pubs United Kingdom

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team  LMP

Adam Dias

Consultant for Enterprise Inns Pub Tenants

& Tenanted Pubs United Kingdom

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team  LMP

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Leader Business Development Canada

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Alex Humphreys

Director - Kempster Property Company Limited

With a background in customer service, leadership and management working at Easyjet - Europe's largest & most successful low cost airline where working his way up as first as a flight attendant later becoming a Cabin Services Manager, Alex was responsible for passenger safety and service as well as crew training and supervision.   Alex is a director of Kempster Property Company Limited with a growing portfolio of properties and Kempster Property Management Services which manages third party residential properties for owners and home owner community associations in the UK.

Stuart Humphreys

Stuart Humphreys

Stuart Humphreys

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Originally called Kempster Associates, Stuart founded the company in January 1983 after building an international career in the USA, England, The Caribbean, The Sultanate of Oman, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bermuda, with the intention of creating a hotel company.  Not having the capital to buy hotels, among other clients in the early years, as a one man start up consulting firm, he worked as an independent self employed consultant, on a white label basis for a leading hotel and catering business and property broker in London.  He performed valuations and operational analyses of hotels and all kinds of other catering and leisure businesses, which their owners wanted to sell for one reason or another.  Usually because they were not doing well.  Often they were losing money as a result of not being correctly managed by the owner or manager.  The company became established with a small but diverse base of hospitality and leisure related clients, including Brodie Marshall Hotels, Barclays Bank, Wychnor Park Country Club and British Waterways for assignments and projects ranging from finding uses for derelict canal side buildings and greenfield canal side sites, to planning and feasibility analysis for new hotels, restaurants, alternative land uses for farmers being required by EU Agricultural policy to "set aside" farm land for other uses, including leisure and development resulting in a boom in golf course development for which we did a number of studies, as well as planning for the conversion of stately homes into hotels and resorts. Operational reviews of existing country houses, many of which had been converted into country house hotels. One of the marketing tactics was to contact people advertising for hotel managers to suggest they might like to engage our management company instead. This led to contracts for consulting and later, in all three cases, for management contracts with the developers of Lanzarote Beach Club and Kololi Beach Club as well as Barratt International Resorts, the leisure property subsidiary of Barratt Developments PLC.

Thus as One Thing Leads to Another, In late 1985 the company was awarded a consulting contract with the developer of a new resort in Lanzarote Canary Islands.  Mistakenly assuming it to be a new hotel which it was not, Stuart soon discovered it was in fact going to be a timeshare resort.  A relatively new concept at the time.  The first task the client wanted accomplished was to plan and design the amenities to be included in the central clubhouse and advise on the set up of all the "hotel" services or the hospitality operations side of the business. The developer was a construction expert having been a timber frame house builder in Canada and already having recently completed a successful and sold out holiday complex called Cinco Plazas in Puerto Del Carmen Lanzarote.  He had people for marketing and sales and a consumer finance company set up and wanted to know how to set up the operations of the resort.

The three week consulting assignment resulted in a report with the operations plan which was delivered three days before Christmas 1985 and well received by our client.  As a result of it, we were asked to come back after the holidays, execute the hospitality operations set up plan, recruit and train the team, create and produce all the operating procedures, plan and buy all the operating equipment to go with the FFF&E being planned by the developer with the help of an interior designer.  Create original computer software for all areas of operations, for which we were allocated a dedicated programmer on staff, custom built and produced what to day is called a PMS.  We established a temporary reception, a car hire company, planned and designed an on site supermarket for which the developer insisted on having Sainsbury's food & products. That had to be sourced through research and we found a unique agent who held a licence from Sainsbury's to export their products to Diplomatic Missions around the world. We planned and set up two restaurants, three bars, one with a night club with live entertainment, a health spa, massage, health & beauty treatments, waters ports with tuition on a private beach, a man made lake and a bridge onto an island in the middle of it, having a bar, food service, pool and jacuzzi.  We planned and produced a very successful opening party with fireworks, all the sales, marketing and construction teams, invited guests nd local dignataries.   We opened the resort on June 5th 1986 and managed it for three years LBC was the single most successful resort in Europe for many years clocking more than £300 million in sales - in 1986,7 & 8 !


Trading as International Leisure Management we obtained a further technical services and operational management contract to open and run another new resort in West Africa which we opened on Christmas eve 1988 and managed for a number of years placing a resort manager there on site at the resort, performing day to day management with remote supervisory management support from the UK where we opened a membership support office in order to be able to service the needs of the owners and be able to in due course run the reservations, member support, assessment, billing and collections.  The Business was renamed International Leisure Management a trading name we still used for our consulting division.

A further consulting contract was won at the end of 1998, for an operational review to be performed for a British Public Company's subsidiary whose 9 resorts had suddenly gone from selling £30 million a year and making good profits to losing £2 million virtually overnight when the timeshare sales business collapsed at the end of the 1980's in a major economic downturn. We first reviewed one operation in Scotland.   The client was so pleased with it that the asked for another operation to be reviewed.  To do the job properly we had to analyse the financial results of all nine hotel and resort operations. This led to the conclusion that the majority of the problem - well more than half of the £2 million being lost was being lost in just three resorts in Southern Spain.  We were asked to take over management of the whole business in Spain under a management contract and managed the turnaround of the business during the whole of 1989 at the end of which half the business of the nine resorts was sold to MacDonald Hotels and the other half was managed by them under contract, with MacDonald buying the other 50% a little later.

Joining forces with the founders of Vacation Care International who had venture capital backing, Stuart then set up Vacation•Care Canarias S.A. in Tenerife Canary Islands and spent the next ten years operating  another group of acclaimed resorts in Tenerife while also being a director of sister company Vacation•Care España with resorts on the Costa Del Sol in souther Spain as well as Portugal.

Stuart then continued to develop the company renaming it Leisure Management Plus in 1999 and performed a number of consulting assignments including opening a new apartment complex in Tenerife, a Market Demand & Financial Feasibility study for a five start hotel in Malabo Equatorial Guinea West Africa for a JV between a developer and the President of the Country. During these years of 20001/2/3, he also devised and developed Resort Quality Assurance (RQA) and had extensive negotiations over three years with RCI about the global provision of RQA Quality Assurance for the worldwide resort network of RCI.  


With business being extremely challenging in the post 911 years after the twin towers attack in New York City and at The Pentagon, he was then recruited by WorldMark by Trendwest, (later Wyndham) for an executive role in charge of multiple resort operations in the Western United States where his job with Wyndham was eliminated in the consolidation of the two parallel management structures for WVO's two legacy brands in late 2012 leaving him free to once again concentrate full time on LMP.  A California LLC was formed in 2014 but closed in 2017 as the decision was taken to move back to Europe and while stuart continued to live in California until 2019 returning then to the UK.  An attempt to by a hotel in Tenerife in 2015 resulted in litigation which is still ongoing and once back in the UK and following a brief assignment in the French Alps in winter 2019/20 it was decided to re-launch Leisure Management Plus again with a new format and with a new business model together with an expanded team which is now in substantially in place and dispalyed in these pages.

The company intends to significantly "help" rather than "disrupt" the hospitality industry by taking a new approach which it believes and hopes will improve the experiences enjoyed by the travelling and vacationing public who are its customers.


They / we deserve the best experience possible and value for their money when they visit or stay at any hospitality, leisure travel related or retail facility and regrettably, in too many cases in too many places they and we don't find that

  Consultant Network Team

Membership in our Consultant Network Team is by invitation only.  Consultants are selected and invited to join us based on their proven specialist capabilities and track record in the hospitality industry.  We confidently send our consultants to any assignment anywhere within their field of expertise and our clients can expect nothing but the best advice and assistance using expertise that has demonstrated an ability to get results.


We have consultants with specific expertise who specialize in cruise ships, five star hotels, three & four star privately owned independent hotels, branded & franchise chain hotels, B&Bs, timeshare clubs & vacation ownership resorts, fractional ownership, vacation home rentals, golf, marina operation, theme parks, restaurants, cafés, branded & independent coffee shops, fast food, take away & food delivery services, shops, bars, pubs, outside catering, industrial catering & facilities management.

Our Consultants have outstanding ability to inspire managers & teams to achieve the

Exceptional*Quality  &  Exceptional*Service

which LMP is renowned for. 

Based in the Eastern United States - Virginia

Gunter Muller  -  Senior Consultant

Hotel Management Specialist with 5 star & 4 star Hotel experience 

extensive international experience in top quality Caribbean Resort Hotels

A top graduate of Lausanne Hotel School in Switzerland.  Widely recognized as the world's finest Hotel School.  

Further study at Cornell University Ithaca N.Y.  


A five star hotel & resort senior leadership consultant - completed his training with periods working in Switzerland and went on to specialize in quality hotel and resort operations in the Caribbean, England, Europe and Eastern United States where he was CEO of a major "mixed use resort" including golf, residential, hotel, winter sports and vacation rental properties.  


Fluent in German and English. Residing in the Washington DC area, Virginia, USA covering Eastern US and the Caribbean.

Based in Washington State, NW United States

Mark Torres

Resort & Condominium community Operations, HOA Management and Quality Assurance Specialist

An experienced - Award Winning - Resort Manager and HOA specialist having hands on experience of resort turnarounds as well as hotel management and extensive knowledge of Resort Quality Assurance.  Ability to turn resort staff teams into "High Achievers".  Able to target and reach lofty goals of excellence, superior standards of guest service and quality. Proven ability to lead and coach managers and teams to reach award winning status as measured by internal & public media metrics.

Based in the Eastern United States - Charlotte NC

Hospitality Entrepreneur, Hotel Operations, Master Chef,

Accountant, Investor, Leadership and  Marketing Specialist

Martin Mongiello, MBA

Former White House Chef &

Manager of The Camp David Resort

"How can a consultant say they are brilliant if they don't also own, several successful companies?"

Inspires teams to highest awards & profits. A 30-year, retired, war veteran living on three continents; six languages. Accredited investor, accountant & entrepreneur for hospitality industry. Seen often via the Today Show, CNN, ABC, FOX, CBS, Washington Post, New York Magazine, Times of London, The Australian, Huffington Post, USA Today, India Times & 128 newspaper and magazine articles the past two years.  Highly visible and exemplary leadership based on personal example. A visionary, execution & completion master. Marketing & Business Plans author.   Relates personally & activates work ethic in teams to goals never before recorded. Advertising, branding, promotion, publicity, marketing & sales expert.

Based in Orlando Florida

Glen Vlasic CMCA, CAM, CHA

Multi-lingual Hotel, Resort and Food & Beverage expert

With extensive experience in hospitality gained in the USA including New York City as well as Mexico and French & Spanish speaking Caribbean islands, Glen is an award winning, multi-lingual executive and coach.  Extensive experience in hospitality operations and management.  Laser focused ability to develop and implement strategic plans to improve performance of managers and teams which he can do in fluent Spanish as well as English, resulting in increased productivity, effectiveness, efficiency & profitability.


Proven ability at VP, Regional Director & GM level to develop hotels and resorts from the ground-up.  A food & beverage expert, Glen managed Vistana, one of the largest resorts in the Central Orlando Florida Area at over 1,600 units with 130 plus acres of manicured grounds, multiple f&b outlets, retail and guest amenities. Glen has just just in June 2020 gained certification in the implementation of Post Covid operational procedures for Housekeeping, Food / Beverage / Retail and Spa and is spearheading our NEW "Make it Safer" initiative. 

Based in  Western United States - California -  Resort Sales & Marketing Specialist

A seasoned sales and marketing professional with a super successful track record and years of experience in Vacation Ownership busines development as well as campground membership sales.  An early founding member of the team that brought the worlds leading timeshare points club to huge success with $1b annual sales, exceptional*penetration, high closing percentages and VPG.


Mentor, coach, sales leadership and sales management developer. Outstanding people skills.

Working together with one of our Resort Management and Operations specialist consultants this would be a combination of tremendous value and a sure fire winner to make your vacation ownership business and resort operation achieve it's very best possible membership sales and membership retention results!

Based in the Western United States - Nevada - Hotel and Resort Operations Specialist

A specialist in casinos, hotels & resorts including specific departmental operations. Extensive leadership and management development skills.   Fluent in French, Arabic and English.  Widely experienced in Europe, North Africa and North America.  Began his career with The Walt Disney World Company and continued with Hyatt Resort Hotels, Hilton Casino Resorts and several American Indian Casinos as well as Vacation Ownership Resorts.   Practical "hands on" experience as a line employee and a manager.  Specialist expertise in Front of House Operations, Back of the House Operations in rooms division, F&B, retail and activities.  Attended UC San Diego where he earned a graduate certificate in Strategic Management and Organizational Behavior. Uses applied phsychology in management and team development.   Has helped many restaurants, hotels and resorts with re-organization, transition and new openings.  Most recently, he has served as and ARM in a turnaround project and as a Housekeeping Operations Director overseeing respectively $5 Million and $25 Million renovations for each as well as playing a key role in the revitilisation of a vacation ownership resort in California and a large casino resort hotel in Nevada.

Based in the Western United States - California -  Hotel & Resort Front Office & Training Specialist

Experience opening a newly remodelled city center urban timeshare and hotel.  Specialist expertise in Front Office Management and Customer Service Training as well as travel services and secret shopper services.  Can perform operational reviews of all types of service businesses, analyse and improve customer service, touch points and sales process to ensure that great customer service leads to more sales as well as long lasting guest and customer satisfaction and referrals.

Based in the Western United States -  Luxury Vacation Homes, Fractional Reesorts, Mixed use resorts, hotels  & fine dining expert

A specialist in luxury fractional ownership resorts, timeshare resorts and vacation home rentals.  A trainer, motivator, management & leadership skills developer.  Extensive high quality food & beverage operations and "Fine Dining" experience, knowledge and expertise. Abilty to perform Operational Reviews and turnaround management for resorts, hotels and restaurants.

Europe Africa & Middle East

Based in Spain  - Southern Europe

Carlos Monserrat

Senior Executive Hospitality Industry Specialist

A seasoned professional, senior consultant and exceptionally well qualified leader with global experience having worked in Europe, USA, Middle Eastern & Gulf States, The Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.  


More than 30 years’ experience in resort and vacation ownership operations having worked in many different countries in senior management roles for Wyndham Vacation Resorts, CLC World and Club Melia.Extensive experience in project management and joint venture start-up environments in countries such as Spain, Mexico and Colombia, with a strong focus on organization and team building.  Proven track record in exceeding targets and responsible for achieving and maintaining ISO quality management certifications in various operations. Currently residing in Spain.   Fluent in Spanish and English.

soon to join

team  LMP

Based in Finland - Northern Europe

Based in Denmark - central Europe

Based in Belgium - central Europe

Based in Germany - Central Europe

Based in Switzerland - central Europe

Based in France - central Europe

Based in Albania - Eastern Europe

Based in Turkey -  Europe & Asia

Based in Greece -  eastern Europe

Based in The Gambia -  West Africa

Based in Saudi Arabia

Based in The Sultanate of Oman

Based in Switzerland - central Europe

Based in The Netherlands - Northern Europe

Desiree Vegter

Hotel School Trained Multilingual Hospitality & Retail Business Consultant

An experienced and very knowledgeable hospitality, catering & retail entrepreneur with demonstrated business development talent, a successful Culinary School, a Restaurant and an Event Catering business. Professionlly trained at Hotel school in Amsterdam, Holland and having experience from operational, reception and sales roles in hotels and restaurants including with Hilton in the UK and Amsterdam, as well as in retail operations and retail management.  


Desiree has a focused approach and is able to improve the quality, product, service and results, including financial and business performance of any hotel, restaurant, cafe, bar, club or other hospitality or retail business.

Based in France - Europe - Marina Specialist

An experienced and very knowledgeable developer and operator of Marinas.  With extensive espertise in boating on the inland navigable waterways of Europe and elsewhere internationally having personally designed, constructed and presently operating several marinas with the associated chandlery, boat repair workshops for any and all marine repair, service and boat maintenance and refurbishment works, marine sotorage, yacht brokerage, moorings, boat haulage etc.

Based in South Eastern UK - Bed & Breakfast Operations Specialist

An experienced and very skillful couple Christine & Roberto who operate a successful B&B offering a warm welcome, exceptional hospitality, a high standard of servce, food and cleanliness.  Leisure Management Plus can provide comprehensive guidance on acquisition, marketing, operations, profitability improvement, service, hospitality and training for new and existing B & B owners.  LMP can also provide refurbishment advice, refurbishment project design and projet management as well as furniture and furnishings supply. 

Based in Surrey S.E. England 


Café / Coffee shop Expert

ALEX's Café

An experienced entrepreneur who operates probably "the best café" - in England!   Runs a very popular & profitable operation. For LMP clients, Alex can mentor, coach, & help café operators how to design, layout, set up & operate a successful and profitable café with a highly motivated, energetic & high performing staff team.  Just "feel" the energy &  watch the way this team moves around and does their work!  We can provide the specialist team building and training as well as the leadership development that makes all this happen.  This is how you operate a successful, popular, busy and profitable café.  It's not as easy as Alex makes it look but you can do it and the team at Leisure Management Plus will show you how.

Based in West Sussex, England

Brian Boggis

Timeshare resort operations from the HOA Board /committee perspective

Marketing & Sales Expert - Entrepreneur, Coach & Mentor

An experienced timeshare resort club Committee / HOA Board Member and former Chairman of the management committee / HOA board of a leading and very successful Vacation Ownership / Timeshare Club in Europe.  


Complete understanding of resort operations and strategic direction from the perspective of the "Owner", Resort Timeshare Club Member and Member of the Committee (Europe) HOA Board (USA).  Served for multiple terms in the Management Committe of Sunset Harbour Club, Pueblo Torviscas, Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain - a highly acclaimed award winning resort.  The First ever to win back the coveted RCI Gold Crown once the management company was taken over by the company led by our founder & chairman.  Extensive expertise and experience in sales leadership, sales and marketing management, sales training and management development, with outstanding team building, people management, club management and resort management skills. 

Based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain - Europe - Resort Operations Specialist

An experienced specialist in timeshare resort operations with more than 30 years in resort management in the Canary Islands, Spain and the UK.   Fluent in Spanish and English.   Extensive expertise and experience in training & management development with excellent team building, people management, timeshare club management and resort management skills. Resident in Tenerife.

Based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain -  Resort Sales & Marketing Specialist

A timeshare resort sales and marketing specialist with leadership, motivational and management talent learned from many years experience in successful resorts in the Canary Islands.   IN-house and cold line experience.  Ability to drive high closing percentages on in house business. Understands and can teach and coach managers on the importance  of quality resort operations and an excellent customer / guest experience leading to more sales and referrals.   Extensive expertise and experience in sales training, sales representative as well as sales management development.  Excellent team building, relationship creation and people skills.  Resident in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

For some projects we find it is a good plan and achieves optimal results to have two consultants with resort operations and sales & marketing expertise which are "complementary skill sets" working together.  


We have achieved some exceptional•results in more than one combined sales & operations timeshare resort team working this way in both Europe and North America.







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