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No virus has been found yet which is immune to the power of UV-C

Muv-X UV-C Machine for hotels

resorts, cruise ships

lodging, hospitality

& retail operations

We have partnered with the inventor & manufacturer of an exceptional machine which provides sterilisation of spaces using a chemical free method to bring you this solution so that you can help your customers feel safer visiting your premises.


Give your customers the confidence they need to book a room in your hotels or come to your premises to use your services in your hospitality or retail establishment such as beauty pas, hairdressers etc.

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The 3 key advantages of the product as customers to-date see it are...


(i)     UV-C has a long history of proven effectiveness against virus and bacteria.


(ii)   Chemical-free.   Nothing is sprayed into the environment.  No residues.

        No risk to anyone entering after treatment even if they have allergies or skin conditions


(iii)   Reassurance for staff & guests everything that can be done is being done

According to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION UV-C treatment is

BETTER THAN Fogging & misting solutions.

Here's why:

“In indoor spaces, routine application of disinfectants to environmental surfaces by spraying or fogging (also known as fumigation or misting) is not recommended for COVID-19.


One study has shown that spraying as a primary disinfection strategy is ineffective in removing contaminants outside of direct spray zones. Moreover, spraying disinfectants can result in risks to the eyes, respiratory or skin irritation and the resulting health effects.

Give your customers the confidence they need that you have done all you can to make your facility safer:

After a standard deep clean - please refer to:, the LMP Make•it•Safer Muv-X UV-C Room Steriliser is brought into the room, and the timer is set according to the room size and activated.


The user leaves, and the unit automatically begins sterilising all visible surfaces two minutes later.  No special user training is required, and multiple units can even be stacked in different formats for broader coverage, saving time in your cleaning process.

The Muv-X Room Steriliser is recommended for use as the final step during cleaning of all and any areas of your facilities where harmful pathogens may be present.

At Leisure Management Plus we believe we can make a real difference in helping you build confidence for your customers that you have done all you can do to Make•it•Safer in your establishment.


Give your customers the confidence they need to make a booking to stay in a room at your hotel or resort.

STOP PRESS .... February 25th 2021 

Introducing the LMP "Make•it•Safer Plus" Muv-X UV-C Machine ....

.... developed especially for hotels, resorts, hospitality and leisure related retail businesses


With easy glide independent suspension castors for ease of movement between rooms.


The Unique & exclusive "Make•it•Safer Plus" is available ONLY from                                                                       Leisure Management Plus

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