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Financial State of Health Review

This is something we developed while managing the "hotel" operations of resorts set up as membership clubs in Europe in the 80's and 90's.  


It is equally applicable to any other operating entity or type of business as the principles are the same.  


You need to manage your affairs to make sure you don't run out of cash and to plan for the future. To put something aside "for a rainy day"... as the saying goes.  

Coronavirus has hit us all like the Mother of all "rainy days"!

There is quite a lot to it but on the other hand it is relatively straightforward. A methodical quick review for a trained experienced accountant, so as part of our efforts to help to get you and your business back on your feet we are bring this to market at a very affordable price. 

We will speak with you on a conference call by video link or telephone as you prefer. We will obtain your financial statements and some relevant information from you and with that we can form a picture of your business and it's financial state of health.   You will get a simple easy to read report.  And we will help you find solutions to the challenges we know you face.

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