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No second chances review

on line & by phone service for on line stores or in person version available

First Impressions Count - A LOT !

You never get a second chance to make a first impression ! 

But how many places do you know where this

simple philosophy is routinely applied to:


  • every room reservation your hotel or resort takes ?

  • every guest arrival experience ?

  • every table reservation ?

  • every meal you serve ?

  • every product you sell ?

  • every customer experience ?


  What about your business ?

        Do you think it could be better in this regard ?


Do you think you might acquire and keep more customers if your operations and your customer services people were really good at this ? ........ perhaps the single most mission critical element of your customer relationship management and your sales process!


                                     If you do - we can help you!


How many times have you had a mediocre or "average" or even a bad first impression and experience when you:

  • arrive somewhere?

    • walk into a shop ?  

      • call up a business to ask something?

        •  order something?  

          • make a reservation?  

            • try and buy something ?


How many times have you called and got a recorded or computer generated message saying "... your call is important to us ..... " ?

........ and yet apparently so unimportant that there is no-one to actually answer you, talk to you and help you !


How many times have you been left on hold for so long you got fed up, hung up and moved on ?


If any of this rings any bells with you, then call or email us today.  YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO BE "AVERAGE" !


If you want your business to be better than "average" you can order our very affordable "No 2nd Chances" Review which addresses and improves your business's customer interface performance.


order now >>>

This simple review is very affordable for you. Our consultant takes the pulse of the first impression your businesses provides as seen from the customer's perspective.

Ideal if you sell on line or over the phone.


A lot like a simple & one off version of our secret shopper service it tells you what your customers see, hear and experience which is part of our mystery shopper model.  

We can do this on-line and/or by phone if you sell on line & take orders or reservations by phone.  We can perform this service in person on site service if you have any kind of hospitality, leisure or retail bricks & mortar premises.

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