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We have designed, owned and operated a number of restaurants in a variety of joint venture and lease arrangements.


Having been in the restaurant business both as owner/owner's managing agent of the building, leasing to a third party operator and as owner/operator and also just as operator or manager, we understand how to put together viable partnerships and teams which can bring restaurants to fruition, as well as how to optimize the performance of food and beverage businesses.


We can bring together teams of people to address any need in a restaurant, cafe, pub, fast food or other catering business or food and beverage operation.  


This ranges from conceptual design and set up, through refurbishing and revitalizing an older, existing or tired and failing operation with new ideas, new menus, new systems, management training, management supervision and support, staff training, staff recruitment where necessary and relaunch.  We can do this anywhere in the world.  In resorts, hotels or stand alone operations.

We have experts in our team who are specialists in the planning, operation and management of Cafes, Coffee Shops, Bars, Pubs, Fast Food & delivery and other speciality fields of the catering business - even outside catering including Kosher Catering.


  • Bars & Pubs

  • Cafes & Coffee shops

  • Fast food

  • Outside catering

  • Banquets, functions & events



You can request an Operational Review to identify where improvements can be made in your operation and we can create and implement or help you to implement a workable plan to make your F & B Operation better.  We have a proven track record in food & beverage management across a broad range of food service offerings.  


We can help you to improve your: 


  • Food production quality

  • Service standards

  • Ambience & atmosphere

  • Marketing

  • Repeat business

  • Customer referrals

  • Revenues

  • Cost control

  • Profits


Management involvements of our principal as well as members of LMP specialist F & B associates in our Consultant Network Team are diverse and numerous.  We cover experience of the nuances and many unique considerations when operating in different countries and regions of the world.  Restaurants are not an easy business.  They require knowledgeable and skilled people with the systems, training, flair and work ethic that is necessary in order to be successful and profitable.

Examples of some food & beverage service concepts we have created.


Café on the Pier at Halcyon Beach Club - now Sandles Halcyon Beach St. Lucia

A redesigned & re-launched all day simple restaurant with speciality "Ice Cream Sundaes" menu

The Sidewalk Café

A coffee shop and diner concept for a resort with outdoor dining space on a busy tourist street

in a beachside resort


Taipiki Polynesian Restaurant

A fine dining dinner restaurant concept created and planned for a resort


Arja's Café

An all day Café / Bar planned for a small country town hotel


Kempster's on the River

A riverside restaurant we are planning to open 

Currently seeking a JV partner with an existing restaurant or bar or suitable property or a JV partner similarly with an existing 

restaurant operation (open or closed) on the River Thames in England.


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