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A worldwide network of hospitality real estate agents and commercial hospitality business & property brokers able to market and sell your hotel, resort, inn, restaurant, B&B, pub, golf, country club, marina or other leisure industry related property anywhere in the world.

"Having been working on valuation and consultancy projects with the founder of Leisure Management Plus for fifteen years we can commend their services to any hotel or restaurant owner seeking reliable, highly professional and knowledgeable hospitality industry expertise."

James Nairn - Chairman & Managing Director

Brodie Marshall Hotels

Hospitality Brokers Wordwide can help you to find acquisitions according to your individual search criteria, as well as assist you with finding finance for your projects or acquisitions.

Together with them in their respective markets, we have global experience in valuing hotels, resorts, restaurants and allied catering and leisure businesses.



We can assess the value of your property and your business and we can advise on and help you with assessing the value of your target acquisitions.

We can help you with your acquisition, sale, financing or re-financing plans for any size or type of hotel, resort, catering, hospitality or leisure industry project from a hotel extension, or addition of amenities - to the acquisition or disposal of a large hotel or group of hotels or resorts, restaurants or similar businesses.

We have experience in specialist consulting work for major public as well as private companies to assist them in locating suitable target acquisitions internationally and for others to find buyers for resort inventory, entire resorts and hospitality development projects.

Call us to start a conversation about what you want to achieve.     We will listen and help you to realise your goals.


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