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How LMP Quality Assurance Works

  • LMP Quality Assurance Auditors perform periodic customised audits of all aspects of your operation using our software and a tablet or smart phone so the process is mobile, on-site and efficient.

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  • LMP Secret Shopper can "shop" your business to randomly test the customer experience you provide.

  • Our Secret Shopper is also used by LMP clients to check if all is operating as it should in terms of the integrity of sales in f&b and retail outlets.

  • Secret Shopper is an invaluable tool providing insight into what you only see and experience as "a customer".  A business owner or manager can never do that any other way.

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  • LMP's unique internal mock QA along with continuous improvement techniques we have developed over the years, can help to take an operation from underperforming to exceptional award winning performance.

  • Assessments are custom designed to meet your needs, your goals & your brand standards.

  • Individualised checklists are built and completed by LMPQA Auditors using our custom adapted software.

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  • This is not a one size fits all approach - that's how and why it works and it gets results!

  • LMPQA is custom adapted to your situation, your leadership, your manager, your management team, your staff team, your product, your service and every aspect of your operation. 

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  • Customised audits and customised reporting means this is a "one•size•fits•one" solution designed for your business only.

  • LMP can also create action plans for improvement which you can implement  - or  - 

  • LMP can do that for you, working with your team to coach them for optimum results.

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  •    Why QA is important and effective

  • We get results!


  • Read about our track record in the testimonials on the home page here & scroll down
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