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Our unique, affordable, quick and easy review which will help you to understand everything you need to make your operation safe and compliant for your staff and your customers!

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With an LMP Make it Safer review, our unique training, systems implementation and ongoing Quality Assurance to regularly follow up, you can have peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to make your premises and your operations safe for your guests, safe for your staff and compliant with applicable guidance and regulation in your area.

We have partnered with CW Applied Technology, the manufacturers of an exceptional machine which provides sterilisation of spaces using a chemical free method.


and here are links to product videos...the first link has both a medical and hotel perspective:


The 3 key advantages of the product as we and our customers to-date see it are...


(i)     No virus has been found yet which is immune to the power of UV-C.

        UV-C has a long history of proven effectiveness against virus and bacteria.

(ii)    The product is chemical-free. Nothing is sprayed into the environment and there are as a result no residues.

        There is therefore no risk to anyone entering the room after the Muv-X Room Steriliser has been used, even if

        they have allergies, skin conditions etc. 

(iii)   The machine provides much needed reassurance to both staff and guestss that everything that can be done is

        being done to provide a virus free environment.

At Leisure Management Plus we believe we can make a real difference in helping you build confidence for your customers.

We want to deliver  the tools you need to give your customers the confidence they need for hotel & restaurant visits.

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