Hotel, tourism, resort, hospitality operations, cruise operations & development consulting

  • Consultancy services are custom designed to address any need or objective

  • Operational review of hotel, group of hotels, cruise ship or fleet, resort, restaurant, pub, bar, B&B, inn, café, coffee shop, take away or fast food restaurant, food truck or stand, outside catering operation, wedding venue, country club, golf course or club, leisure / fitness center or other leisure or retail business 

    • To address any objective relating to any area of the business such as:

      • Financial performance and profitability improvement

      • Quality of product or service 

      • Customer satisfaction levels, guest comments & returns

      • Trip advisor ratings or any other customer or other rating

  • Market demand and financial feasibility - initial outline study

  • Full market demand and financial feasibility analysis - suitable for bank and lender presentation

  • Pre-opening & technical services for new hotel and resort developments, food & beverage or leisure businesses

  • Design of hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants, leisure and golf facilities

  • Equipping of hotels, resorts and food & beverage businesses

  • Interior design for hospitality developments and refurbishment of existing operations

  • Selection of and assistance with the appointment of management company or brand operator for hotel developments

  • Consultancy related to any aspect of Tourism Development, Tourism Policy or any other matter related to tourism

  • Provision of Proven Systems and Design of Bespoke Systems for Interior Cleaning & Maintenance for hotels, cruise ships, resorts and other lodging accommodations as well as private aircraft and yachts


Resort, hotel & vacation home management and operation

  • Operation of hospitality businesses under management agreement - for owners, HOA's or clubs, banks, receivers, developers

    • Long term operation of hotels or resorts under management agreement

    • Interim or short term operation of hotels pending or during disposal or change of any kind

  • Operation of vacation homes and holiday accommodations of all types

  • Operation of bars, restaurants, cafés, leisure facilities, spas, golf, related retail and sporting facilities

  • Supervisory management

    • which can be either / or a combination of:

      • remote support using web based systems, reports and video conferencing facilities

      • on site supervisory management at intervals as required

      • telephone and video conference support

  • Management coaching & mentoring for optimum business performance

  • Technology Solutions


Refurbishment Services

  • Refurbishment of complete hotels, resorts and related facilities or any specific areas or single elements thereof

  • Refurbishment planning

  • Refurbishment budgeting

  • Refurbishment financing & funding options


Human Resources

  • Leadership and management effectiveness assessment

  • Staff morale and attitude surveys

  • Staff morale and attitude improvement

  • Team development, team building and staff training

  • Management recruitment

  • Management training and development

  • Mentoring of senior managers and executives

  • Coaching for performance improvement

  • Performance monitoring

  • Performance appraisal

  • Performance Improvement

  • Recruitment

Quality Assurance services

  • Custom designed Quality Assurance programs - cruise ships, hotels, resorts, restaurants & all types of hospitality & retail

  • Secret Shopper Services


Hospitality property services

In conjunction with our real estate broker associates, Leisure Management Plus offers a range of property related services including:

  • Hotel and resort property valuation

  • Hotel marketing & sales

  • Property search for any hospitality business


Property management services

Leisure Management Plus offers a full range of property management services to manage Home Owner Associations, blocks of flats & apartments, housing associations and all related services including book-keeping, budgeting, accounting, cleaning, housekeeping, maintenance, reception services, security, landscape maintenance, refurbishment planning & refurbishment project execution.


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