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Marble Surface

Future proof your business Post COVID-19

with the unique

Muv-X UV-C Medical Grade sanitising Machine

We Present the unique and Award-Winning CE and RoHS Certified and Tested Muv-X UV-C Room Steriliser   manufactured in the European Union and now available globally. It uses UV-C ultraviolet light providing hospital grade sterilization of air and surfaces with a disinfection rate of 99.9999% yet with no risk of harmful chemical residue on surfaces or on food. Direct exposure to UV-C is proven to effectively destroy bacteria, and inactive fungi, mould and above all, any known virus that may remain on surfaces or in the air after a regular deep clean.


A standard size hotel room can be sterilised in less than 10 minutes which is why it is so popular with accommodation providers as it adds minimum extra time to a full cleaning schedule, enabling maximum usage and efficient and fast turnaround of rooms in  a Make•it•Safer Plus environment.

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