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We can plan, organize, direct, staff and control your hotel, resort or restaurant refurbishment from A to Z.


Our highly skilled and widely experienced team have planned and overseen refurbishment projects ranging from a modest restaurant makeover to large and complex multi-million dollar, GB pound and euro projects.


We have overseen major renovations of resorts.  In one case our principal helped turn a city hotel into an urban timeshare resort.  


We have taken tired older timeshare resorts and HOA complexes and for the developer, the owner's committee or the HOA Board, we have planned and implemented complete revitalization and renewal projects utilizing architects, interior designers and trusted contract furnishers we have in our network of known and accredited associate companies and suppliers.  


We either have among our existing contacts - or we can find what ever other skilled professional advisors, suppliers and contractors are needed for us to plan, (with you, or for you), execute and complete any project.  


According to your needs, wishes & budget, Leisure Management Plus will refurbish your hospitality property:


- No matter how large or small

- No matter where in the world it is

- On time

- Within budget and such as to

- meet or exceed the expectations of our clients !

Call today for an informal discussion and tell us what you want to achieve.


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This is an example with a testimonial quote from a client where our founder was the driving force behind the complete re-vitalisation and recovery of a resort and the concurrent recovery of the financial wellbeing of the club.


At the outset of his leadership of the management company operating the resort, this was an older, rather tired looking and outdated 206 unit resort - with a dwindling and disenchanted membership base, no - actually negative - cash, high levels of default on payment of Management Charges, high membership cancellations and a very uncertain and tenuous future!  It had been "Overtaken" by the changing and progressing newer resorts where everyone wanted to be.  The reception was in a dingy small corner, awkward for guests to get to - up some stairs carrying their luggage! 


However, the 8,000 odd intervals owned by some 5,500 members who had invested in their holidays there wanted the resort to be kept up and the promise they had bought into of ...." a lifetime of quality vacations " to be available to them.  


The resort needed a make over ! But there was no money in the bank nor in the reserves !


With vision, imagination and determination, the owner's committee were guided and the membership were carried along with a workable and creative plan for re-vitalisation and recovery of its former glory from its "Hay-Day".  Painstakingly gaining concensus among all stakeholders including the original developer, still operating on site sales, the committee members, the 5,500 club members and the resort manager and staff team, a refurbishment project was planned, budgeted, fully funded - without the club taking on debts - and brought to fruition over a phased period of more than three years.


This was very successful, very well received by the members and the resort went from strength to stregth thereafter once again becoming a place people wanted to stay.  

The whole resort refurbishment project was conceived, planned and brought to fruition over a seven year period and realised over a three year period to fit out the apartments with new furniture, new floors, new bathrooms and new kitchens.

This was followed by the purchase, construction and fit out of the new reception building - the final piece of the plan to re-vitalise Sunset Bay Club and Los Atamanes.   


The new reception was completed just as he left following the sale to Sunterra Corp. (now Diamond Resorts), of the management company (VCI) he ran in the Canary Islands for ten years.

An empty shop unit building shell was acquired and a stunning new reception was created providing a far better, more convenient and elegant, "Grand Entrance" for the resort.  This idea was conceived, made to happen, designed and planned in detail under the guidance and direction of Stuart Humphreys and it breathed new life into the Los Atamanes square where it is situated.

A small reception office used to be here

Formerly with just a couple of bars not doing well and a lot of undeveloped shop units, it is now a thriving and busy place.  The central hub of the resort!

"... Stuart served with me on the management committee (HOA Board) representing the founder member management company and the managing agent for our resort.


His extensive experience, knowledge of resort operations and ability to work with both the developer and the owner representatives in the board were invaluable assets in the successful operation and complete revitalisation of our club and the resort."


During the period of his leadership, the resort was transformed. It had been a struggling, relatively tired and not very well run operation with a high level of owner and customer dissatisfaction.  


As a result of careful, capable and determined management it became an outstanding success story and achieved dramatic improvements in quality standards, owner and guest satisfaction and achieved awards for service and quality."

[The Late] Norma Hartshorn, former member of Sunset Bay Club management committee




A neigboring resort in the same area  - a major European tourist destination and favorite holiday spot, was also carefully and methodically led by Stuart for nine years.  The stakeholders - The Developer - The Sales & Marketing Teams - The Club Members - Management Committee Members - Resort Manager and Staff Teams were encouraged to make "continual improvements" to service, standards, quality and ameneties, in order to maintain a leading position among the finest resorts in the market and in the exchange system (RCI in that case) as well as in the minds of the timeshare buying and travelling public.


"Resort Enhancement Projects" were innovated & introduced - led by Stuart - in order to keep this resort up to the highest standards.  


This was the first resort to recover a lost "RCI Gold Crown" which was regained by attention to standards, service and QUALITY. Thereafter the resort maintained it's position as a top destination and was able to be competitive with the newer resorts being developed and marketed at the time.  


This was done by introducing projects for improvement of the infrastructure and refurbishment on a regular basis.  Such Refurbishment and Resort Enhancement projects included - among others over the years:


Refurbishment and Heating of swimming pools

Enhancement of the Pool Deck and sunbathing areas

A completely new, bright cheerful and enlarged reception ... (to replace what had been a dingy hole in the wall), was planned and created to the benefit not only of the timeshare club, but also the whole ownership residents of the complex wherein the timeshare club's apartments were situated, as well as the rental management company who operated from the same building.   This was widely recognised as a tremendous success and a WIN - WIN for all involved.   It was done by creating concensus and co-operation among parties with different objectives but common interests.   With differing financial resources and differing needs.  All were successfully accomodated !

I had come to expect that whatever difficulty arose, I could be confident that you were there to resolve the matter!  There can be no doubt that the skills which you have demonstrated have been largely responsible for our resort maintaining the highest of standards within the timeshare industry.  I have no doubt that you will be a hard act to follow and would add that I personally have the highest regard for your professionalism and your integrity."

                                                                                                         Brian Boggis, Chairman of The Committee, Customer & Club Member - Sunset Harbour Club

"We appreciate not only your abilities and the value of your experience but also the integrity shown in all your dealings.  The consistent high standards maintained at Sunset Harbour Club were in no small measure a consequence of your commitment to attaining our mutual goals."

                                    Elected Committee / HOA Board - Sunset Harbour Club Tenerife


"Attention to detail and total commitment are the hallmarks of the founder of this well respected company."

                                    Richard Jackson - Co-Owner, The Global Group, Resort Developer & Co-Founder of The Global Group of Companies

                                    Original Developer, Marketer & Sales company of Sunset Harbour Club, Pueblo Torviscas


Sunset Harbour Club is still a thriving resort and is still kept up to very highest standards - now by Diamond Resorts who took over from Sunterra to whom VCI, run in the Canary Isalnds by Stuart Humphreys, sold The Founder Member Management Company - Sunset Harbour Management Company Ltd.


Pueblo Torviscas the rental apartments operation in the same resort development is also a successful operation in this popular development.


Club Olympus in Garden City Playa de Las Americas Tenerife also originally had a small reception tucked away up at the back of the resort and needed a more visible & welcoming arrival experience for owners and guests.


For this "Resort Enhancement Project", conceived and executed by Stuart - in order to keep this resort up to standards competitive with those newer resorts entering the market at the time, a front line street side building on the corner of the entrance to the resort was purchased by the Club, in an imaginative and creative scheme devised by Stuart through it's operating entity the "Communiad de Propreitarios" Club Olympus.    


A bank mortgage was secured to finance the purchase.  The whole scheme was welcomed, agreed and approved by the committee and it was an overwhelming success, making the arrival at the resort much easier and providing much needed management office and storage space.

Email or call us for a discussion about what you would like to achieve in the way of refurbishment and enhancement for your resort, club, restaurant or hotel.

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