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Brian Boggis

Senior Advisor, Customer Relationships, resort HOA board & management company liaison

Brian is an accomplished entrepreneur and businessman having developed several diverse businesses, ranging from financial services to the marketing of HVAC equipment to domestic and commercial customers. Through sheer hard work, determination, dedication and skills learned on the job, he has created, grown and sold multiple successful businesses.

As a resort HOA Board Member (US terminology) / Resort Management Committee Member (Europe), Advisor he brings twenty eight years experience on the Board of one of Europe's most successful resorts where he served as Elected member from the Resort and Club's inception and later Chairman of Sunset Harbour Club Pueblo Torviscas, Playa de Las Americas - Tenerife, Spain, stepping down only quite recently after having served more than nine consecutive three year terms of office for The Club.

The Harbour, as it is known, is an uber successful, outstanding and award winning resort to this day, operated by Diamond Resorts International, a testament to its sound stewardship over many years. Brian brings his considerable experience to the benefit of LMP clients in both Europe and the United States and the markets frequented by travellers from North America including: Mexico, the Caribbean & Hawaiian and Pacific Islands. Brian lives with his wife Irene in Brighton England also spending a lot of time in California, his "second home", where his grown up children and grandchildren live. Brian having served on HOA boards for decades knows the finer points on how to navigate between at times conflicts of interests between a developer and management company and the consumer. these skills have proven invaluable in many negotiations.

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