Technology applications for today's hotel & resort management

Now your guests can open their room door with their SMART PHONE and receive important information, targeted services and offers from you !

Bring your hotel into the 21st centrury !   Email or call us now and find out how easy it is for your hotel to become a market leader by offering this "State of the Art" technology.  


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Did you know ?


... "millenials", the Y- Generation have surpassed "baby boomers" as the largest single demographic age group users of hotel accommodation in terms of number of room nights they buy in hotels & lodging establishments.

Don't get left behind in this revolution of how hotels are used by today's and tomorrow's guests !

More to come....    LMP is currently evaluating contemporary market trends as well as hotelier's and resort's needs.   We offer a range of Property Management Systems & Technology solutions to serve the hospitality market and can provide guidance on your software selection for a variety of hospitality businesses.

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