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ILT sends discerning guests on vacation to hotels & vacation homes we manage and to other places that they want to travel to.


ILT offers a full range of travel services including accommodation and will help you to plan your perfect getaway: - short break, midweek, weekend, or long weekend, a week or longer trip tailored to your needs and wants.


ILT hand-picks the finest destinations and can arrange your trip to a luxury vacation home, a hotel anywhere you may wish to go. A seaside getaway, a once in a lifetime trip to London & Windsor Castle, a country retreat in England, even a French Chateau or a Manor House in Denmark!   You can go to Europe, North America, Africa, or Asia.  


ILT custom designs your trip to match your travel dreams.


We are in the business of making your travel and vacation dreams come true with our Exceptional*Destinations


Where do you want to go next ?  Just tell us what you want and we will make it happen !

 ..... some suggestions for you to ask Lois about are on the following pages - pull down the individual buttons to see some of our most popular destinations.

ILT provides marketing and reservations services and acts as a consultant & finder of travel related services for guests who wish to stay at hotels, resorts and vacation homes we own & operate or where we have a management or other interest.  Travel services, including air, sea and ground transportation are sold in California by our consultant licensed travel agent and in other jurisdictions by other licensed travel providers.

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