Leisure Management Plus manages and improves hospitality businesses !

If you have a hospitality business that you think could be better, then we can help you improve it with our services & products


  • We listen and establish with you what needs doing to improve then implement plans for you or with you to achieve improvement


  • Personalised coaching, supervisory management or mentoring enable your managers and team to achieve the results you expect


  • State of the art technology to address your needs for systemisation, improved guest experience and revenue enhancement


  • We monitor and continuously improve standards with custom Quality Assurance to make it better and keep it so


  • We can design and manage refurbishment, renewal and re-launch to update your property and offering


  • Your hotel, resort or vacation rental accommodation can be promoted to make it more successful


  • We can manage your operation for you under a management agreement


  • And when we have optimized performance ... and hence value .....


  • ... if you want to sell, we can help you to sell your hotel or hospitality property to achieve the best possible price !

Within these pages you will find more information about our range of services, details of our background, philosophy, approach, expertise and track record.

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